Our Services

We help our clients to see things differently and to use that new way of seeing to adapt to unrelenting change and unanticipated crises.


Assessment and Evaluation

We use a variety of qualitative and quantitative tools to make assessments or evaluate organizations or communities and make recommendations for improvement. Types of assessments or evaluations include:

  • Resilience assessments of communities and organizations
  • Community asset assessments
  • Project and program evaluations
  • Country assessments, for example of democracy, human rights, and governance

Analysis and Planning

We bring a systems lens to our work and can help you to see how broader patterns and trends are likely to impact your business, organization, or community and plan accordingly. We provide support to:

  • Design strategic plans that support you in achieving your desired outcomes
  • Develop and apply resilience frameworks and indicators to guide planning and decision-making
  • Align your organizational policies, programs, and services to support resilience
  • Carry out cross-sector action planning

Project and Program Management

We have deep experience in program and project management and can help you to take your projects from conception to implementation and through closeout.

Facilitation and Adaptive Leadership

We are skilled in designing and facilitating public involvement and dialogue and in translating stakeholder input into an understanding of system-scale bottlenecks and strategies to resolve them. We are trained in adaptive leadership and can support your organization to better grapple with complexity through a whole systems approach. We can support you to:

  • Optimize group dynamics and maximize creativity and meaningful engagement with humor, enthusiasm, empathy, and respect for a diversity of voices
  • Design and facilitate engaging and productive workshops
  • Develop a whole systems approach to adaptive leadership